Evil Princess Tera (eviltera) wrote in we_quit,
Evil Princess Tera

New Here

Hi! I quit smoking on August 15th and I figured since I am still smoke free, I might find a community.

I am 26 and I have been smoking for 13 years, a pack a day for 10 years, then almost 3 packs a day for a year and when i quit, was 2 packs a day.

I haven't caved once, and I don't even crave a cigarette, which I never thought posssible. No mood swings either.

How did I do it you ask? WELLBUTRIN! My Dr. prescribed me Zyban and I decided to change it to wellbutrin (research shows zyban has worse side effects) so yes, took the wellbutrin (one a day) and haven't looked back since. My quit meter is on my info page. Tomorrow evening will officially be a week.

I only have 2 people in my life who have quit smoking successfully, so I tohught I'd come here and be surrounded by people who know what it's liek to tell off their grandmother because they want a smoke.

Heh, hi everybody, my name is Tera and I am a non-smoker. (seriously, they have niccotein anonymous now)
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