. (marsupialmeegs) wrote in we_quit,

If's, And's or Butts

hello. new here.
my name is megan. I am 21 years old. i've been smoking since I was 16- so I've been a smoker (smoking at least one pack a day) for 5 years.

a lot of my pals have been able to put down the smokes and never touch them again, easy as pie. I've tried to psyche myself into believing that I can do the same, but it hasn't been true.

This is my very first time trying to quit. Half the time, I'm not even sure I want to quit. So I spend 95+ dollars on smokes each month.. I talk myself into thinking that it is worth it: what would I do while driving if I didn't smoke? what about b/t classes on campus? what about when I first wake up? why do I actually want to quit? I've found that's the very first place I go: why am i doing this again?

It's 2am and I cant sleep. I need a cig and I'm out, of course (b/c I dont buy them anymore)
I'm really tempted to go buy a pack
damnit! this is all in my head right?? for those who have been through this- how many days of not smoking passed y until you began to feel better?
& - now that you don't smoke- do you FEEL differently? more healthy? is it a big difference?
why did you want to quit?

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