Miss Sigh Gone (almost_finished) wrote in we_quit,
Miss Sigh Gone

new member

Hi! I'm 28 and have been trying to quit for the past year. I've been smoking since I was 17. Whenever asked if I was a smoker I would always reply, "Oh, I'm just a social smoker. I can quit whenever I want!"

Haha, joke's on me. I'll go a few days or weeks at a time and then start up again. After several failed attempts it's really starting to scare me. Weekends are the worst. Eating out with all of my smoker friends sucks, too. While they are supportive and don't offer me cigarettes it's really hard when they are all puffing happily away right in front of me.

I'm glad I found this community. Maybe having some support from others trying to quit as well will help me out. :)
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