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Welcome to we_quit, your one-stop support and logging community to help you break that bad habit you've been trying to kick for years.

The goal here is to create a supportive community for anyone seriously trying to break a habit. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, smoking, internet porn, nail-biting or any of a million other habits and/or addictions. In a bad spot at work and afraid to go looking for something better? We can help encourage you with that, too.

Toward that end, we highly encourage posting a log of your progress. It can be daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you are comfortable with.

We also highly encourage posting when you feel like giving up and the goal you've set seems to far away. After all, we *are* a support community.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them. zamzetta is the maintainer for this community. I'm usually around if there are any problems.

Speaking of problems... Keep in mind that the other people posting here deserve the same amount of respect that you expect from them. Flaming, harrassing and general trollish behavior will NOT be tolerated. Violators will be banned.